Linus came to me weighing over 131kg (290lbs), he had tried to lose weight before and to some success, but had fallen back into old habits that have been the norm since a very young age. When Linus got in contact with me about training, he was serious and was evident he had come to a crossroads. This was it for him, time to make a serious change. Within 6 months he had lost over 30kg of weight and his life began to change for the better, within a year, he was down 48kg to a healthy and athletic 83kg.

One thing Linus said to me and that has stuck in my head ever since is that one of the most important things to him has been the ability to go and do things that he had previously written off for good! He’s now out living life to the full and more importantly, still enjoying his food, but in an educated and balanced form. The thing about Linus is, he didn’t just lose weight by my instruction, he studied everything meticulously along the way. His understanding of nutrition and his love for a low carb, ketogenic lifestyle has grown immensely. Now this is where his YouTube channel comes in. ReToolist is his platform for sharing the knowledge and experience he has acquired, but what makes it special and stand apart, is its not just nutrition and fitness but a whole lot more. He talks and will continue to talk about the emotional part of undertaking such a big feat, the state of mind one needs to be in, and how you achieve this and can put it towards anything you want to do. He talks about how inspiration is all well and good, however, you need things that will help you, you need the tools to be able to do the work, this is exactly what he plans to deliver!

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Jordan Swailes PT

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