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Testimonials from clients trained in Paddington Rec, Queens Park, Regents Park, Primrose Hill Park, Hyde Park from Maida Vale, St Johns Wood, Marylebone, Central London, Primrose Hill, Warwick Avenue, Little Venice.

Jordan makes you want to train. He also gets results! He has a very easy-going and pleasant manner while at the same time putting you through your paces. He mixes up the sessions so you don’t get bored. He has an excellent understanding of body mechanics and aligns the training sessions to your personal needs. He really listens and understands and does not judge when you have set backs. He genuinely wants his clients to succeed. I would highly recommend Jordan as a personal trainer.

Jill Kilby

I have trained with Jordan continuously twice a week for three years now. My plan at first was to sign up for 10 sessions and then go at it on my own but I enjoyed it so much I continued. Jordan is so laid back and made the sessions feel fun and time flew by. He is not one of these people who will constantly yell at you but when he does push you to do better you take it on board. He strips things down to basics and you realise how much the smallest of exercises makes the biggest difference. Jordan helped me lose 1,5 stone for my wedding and gave me excellent nutritional advice and exercises to do at home to fit into my wedding dress. On average I burn 700 calories a session. Jordan is reliable, flexible and knows his stuff. I was one of these people who who though people were silly to pay for a PT when there are videos and online instructions of what you could be doing to get fit but Jordan has really changed my mind about this. If you’re not sure just have a trial session or sign up to his x10 session and see for yourself. I can’t recommend Jordan enough.

Mia Persson

I am a 47 year old man and suffered my first heart attack at 22 and have had two more since. I have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but have to make sure I don’t over exert myself. Jordan is quite simply the best personal trainer I have met. His attention to detail and focus on getting the right level of training while not over doing anything is superb. Always charming and affable he is a delight to work out with and my life would be much poorer without him.

Julian Brinton – Director

I have been training with Jordan for about a year and have felt a seismic shift in my approach to exercise. I definitely fall into the camp of finding excuses instead of exercising but signing up to Jordan’s gentle but disciplined regime has been a very positive experience. His knowledge and how to get fit is second to none and the results have been great!

Tessa Ferguson

Jordan has been training me for about half a year now and I still love to do whatever training program he gives me. Probably because of the fact that it was personalized to my needs and what I liked to train, improve about myself. Other than that the programmes are effective and fun and are followed up throughout the weeks by Jordan himself and adjusted depending on what’s improved or could be made more difficult according to the progression I’ve been making. As I live overseas, in Belgium, people would think this would be hard. Quite the contrary really! Jordan and I speak regularly via Skype or Facebook. I’m always in direct contact with him when in need of help or when I have questions that need to be answered. We meet up once a year in London where we have a session together. These are always fun and it’s also a reason why I love to go back to London every year. So far I’ve gotten nothing but positive responses about the progress I have made with my body and will continue to use and do what Jordan’s taught me and will most likely teach me in the future.

Estelle Decamps – Academic

I started working with Jordan shortly after turning 30 and finally begin to take my health seriously. I had restarted a ketogenic, (low carb, high fat) diet which I had some success with in the past, but this time I wanted to add in the exercise component. Being overweight my whole life, I had never enjoyed sports or regularly exercised, so we would have to be starting from scratch. Jordan was able to start off at a very gentle but challenging pace with my programme, and looking back it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come in 9 months. I’ve lost 7.34 stone (46.5kg/102.5lbs), but also my strength and stamina have improved hugely. All the while, Jordan has been mindful of my individual needs (like my weakened knees) while continuing to push me further. He’s been a key motivator and coach in my fat loss journey. I’m happy to recommend him to anyone ready to commit to a similar life change!

(44inch to 32inch waist! 131.5kg to 85kg!)

Linus Boman

Jordan quite obviously has a natural talent for anything fitness, he applies this in a creative yet straight forward manner to your training and diet programs. And explains how things work and how best to challenge your body, in a way your average person can understand!

Jillian Sanders – Property Developer

I really enjoy my training sessions with Jordan. He keeps it varied, gives informative explanations on the purposes of the different exercises and provides useful tips. Even after a couple of weeks I began to see results and was feeling a whole lot better. His enthusiasm and flexibility means I can work around my travel schedule which is a big bonus. Im en route to dhaka for a week now and I will be working on what Jordan’s taught me whilst im away and try his virtual personal training service

Sian Edwards – Director, Fashion Industry