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First of all, welcome to my site, all things Functional Fitness.

I am a YMCA Fit Qualified Personal Trainer, Licensed Royal Parks Fitness Operator and have a passion for Kickboxing, Powerlifting, Kettlebells and most importantly, where it all began for me… Calisthenics!

I use the years of knowledge obtained whilst training and competing in Martial Arts and now Strength Sports, alongside an array of Health & Fitness industry qualifications from world renowned YMCA-fit, to deliver Personal Training Sessions tailored to your goals.

I have come to appreciate the art of Calisthenics, which is essentially street gymnastics and other levels of bodyweight training, performing feats such as muscle ups, handstand push ups, levers, pistol squats and much more. My body has become my own gym and have never felt or looked stronger! I have combined this passion with Powerlifting, which involves the Barbell Squat, Bench and Deadlift. These movements compliment my tool set greatly and allows me to help others who prefer a gym based setting, to achieve their goals whether Size, Strength or both, via online Coaching and programming.

Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, I push my clients to the best of their ability whilst keeping it fun, new and rewarding. You don’t just get fit either, you learn the why’s and what’s, the do’s and do not’s of exercise, so that you can really delve into a life of fitness!

I will be blogging about many interesting components of the Fitness industry as an experienced London PT.

Please feel free to get in touch, whether you require a Comprehensive Fitness Plan with exercise progression and nutritional guidelines or personal training in your local park, select gyms or even at home! I also provide online personal training wherever you are in the world. Everything is personalised to help you achieve your goals.

Remember Functional Fitness London programmes are available in Central London, in your local park, home, select gyms and online no matter where you are. I cover the following  areas:   St Johns Wood, Maida Vale (Paddington Recreation Ground), Queens Park, Little Venice, Warwick Avenue, Primrose Hill, Maida Hill, West Hampstead (Kilburn Grange Park), Kensal Rise (Tiverton Green) , Hyde Park and The Regents Park.