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Personal Trainer in Maida Vale and Paddington Rec

I offer effective personal training sessions in Central London tailored to your fitness needs in Maida Vale & The Paddington Recreation Ground. You will not be pushed over your limit with me as your PT, you will be pushed to succeed, and reach your fitness goals, working at a reasonable pace and kept motivated, therefore delivering results!

Sessions are given the utmost attention to detail, I want to see you succeed, to see what your body is truly capable of and change your life forever!

Circuit Training, Sprint Training, TRX, Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Interval Training, Boxing, Kickboxing, Kettlebells and much more! Train in the beautiful Regents Park, make the most of nature, enjoy the fresh air and amazing sunrises & sunsets! Get in contact with me now via the contact page or call 07595909444 and we’ll get started! For all the relevant and further information regarding Personal Training and Pricing please click here.

Maida Vale is a wonderful area. I myself, a personal trainer, have spent the last 9 years living here and routinely use the personal training facilities at Paddington Recreation Ground for my training. Everything is provided from a full sized 400m running track to parallel bars, pull up bars, rings and multiple sports pitches ranging from hockey and football to basket ball and tennis! There are even a couple Ping Pong tables for when you just want to hang out with some friends but do something moderately active at the same time! It is one of the preferred places for my clients to train.

In terms of a lower body workout, you have multiple areas in Paddington Rec to hang up suspension training system if that is your thing, or there is the track for sprinting and an area at the bottom for lunges, squats, plyometric exercises and stretching.

Pull up bars of varying heights are available, they can be a bit too narrow at times, but they do the job! You also have a workout station with red rings or the monkey bars, these just add another element of variety in terms of grips and hand position for your pull ups. Human flags can also be performed on the side of the monkey bars.

Personal Trainer in Maida Vale and Paddington Rec

Hurdles and parallel bars offer an easy progression to the pull up bars with inverted rows for beginners and dips etc for chest exercises. Handstand training is also perfect on the space available on the far side of the track.

The park, Paddington Rec, also offers a friendly community, both athletes, personal trainers, people keeping fit, young kids, dog walkers and the list goes on! In the past few years I have been using the park, I’ve met some great friends and got some fantastic workout partners and learnt a lot from elite calisthenics athletes who frequent the park quite often as body weight training becomes even more popular! The fact that there are so many different areas to get a training session in, means each one is less crowded and there is so much variety you can add to your sessions, which is never a bad thing!

Personal Trainer Paddington Rec

Paddington Rec in Maida Vale is a great venue for personal training. Easily accessible from Little Venice, Warwick Avenue, Queens Park and even St Johns Wood. Hope to see you out here soon!

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Thanks for reading my blog, CALL ME ON 07595 909 444 or CLICK HERE for the main PERSONAL TRAINING page! 




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