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The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors.

When you think of the word exercise, you usually have two thoughts. Go to the gym and lift weights or run on a treadmill, you may think to go for a run outside. However, many don’t realise the extent to which you can achieve a fantastic and complete workout which targets every aspect of fitness, by going outdoors and using your own bodyweight through suspension trainers and the multitude of workout areas now available across London.

If you can master your own bodyweight, you are going to be pretty healthy and content with yourself. For some people this may mean being able to Squat properly with no pain and good mobility or learning to lift their own weight through Pull Ups and Dips, the opportunities to improve your fitness in an outdoor environment with minimal equipment are endless.

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When talking bodyweight based exercise, it doesn’t stop at Squats, Lunges, Push Ups and Pull Ups, there is a huge amount of progression past these basic movements such as Pistol Squats, Split Squats, Muscle Ups, Front Levers, Handstand Push Ups and the list goes on. This is where i come in! As a Personal Trainer in London for the past 11 years, i’ve been specialising in Advanced Bodyweight Training, more commonly known as Calisthenics. I am dedicated to training clients up to meet their goals of achieving these more advanced movements! Never mind how much you can bench, how many strict muscle ups can you do?!

Can’t do a Pull Up yet perhaps? No problem, this is what’s amazing about Calisthenics and training outdoors, there’s a start point for everyone and as long as you’re consistent, you will quite quickly progress through the various movements and their adaptions! Calisthenics is for everyone of all levels and backgrounds and has a great community behind it!

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Now where are these amazing outdoor training locations?! Well i personally train my clients and myself in a handful of great ones. My top three are purpose built Calisthenic Workout Areas in Primrose Hill (Regents Park), Paddington Recreation Ground (Maida Vale) and Queens Park. I have been Personal Training in these areas for 11 years and counting! There is a great fitness community in all which makes them very welcoming and positive places to get a workout in!

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