Are you accountable for your own progress?

One of the key factors alongside discipline and consistency is your own accountability!

If you are unable to keep yourself accountable, in terms of being able to turn up to your training sessions, the gym or what have you, you will never be able to obtain the discipline to become consistent in your efforts to progress your fitness goals.

This is where having a Personal Trainer or Online Coach comes in handy. Having someone there in person or in the background to keep you accountable on the most basic of footings, forces you to build new behavioural patterns and start a new journey into building a new you. What i mean by this, is that a new you is not just a fitter, slimmer and stronger version. Before that, comes the mindset and behaviours needed to produce such a different version of yourself.

A good Trainer or Coach will emphasise on building these key elements within you, so that when it’s time for you to scale back our presence, you have the tools and the accountability to continue progressing on your own!

So if this is something you feel that you need, get in touch now and let’s start building!  OR call/text/whatsapp on +447595909444

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