The reasons for having a PT

When I am out in the parks, doing my own training, I am often approached by people who are intrigued to know how to do a muscle up, or what is the best way of going about achieving a goal. Now I am always happy to help, in fact it is the reason I am a trainer, I wish I had someone to give me loads of tips and push me in the right direction, whilst making sure I was doing everything correctly when I first started training.

so what is a PT for?

What you need to do, how to do these things and why you’re doing these things. This is part of what a PT is for. I tell you what to do, how to do it correctly and why you’re doing it. And a good PT will make sure you understand these three points, my goal overall is to educate you and give you the knowledge to be confident in your own training, to understand your body.

Be Consistent

The other side of the coin is what I am always telling people who ask me for advice, consistency. No matter what you are doing, you need to be consistent with your training in order to reap the results. Many people don’t have the motivation to do this, which is another fundamental characteristic of a PT, we are here to motivate you, to show you how it can be fun, to educate you on why it is important and why it should be part of your life!

So, why get a PT?

Perhaps just to learn the basics, make sure you are doing things correctly, understand why you’re doing it and how to keep going. Or maybe you know what you’re doing, but need the motivation to achieve the goal that you would otherwise fall short of whilst on your own! A good PT gives you the tools and the knowledge to set off on your fitness journey, motivation when the last thing you want to do is train, we give you that little bit extra to reach your potential and reach it the quickest and smartest route possible! Then whatever happens, you have the ability to take care of yourself forever!

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