Estelle Decamps – Academic

Jordan has been training me for about half a year now and I still love to do whatever training program he gives me. Probably because of the fact that it was personalized to my needs and what I liked to train, improve about myself. Other than that the programmes are effective and fun and are followed up throughout the weeks by Jordan himself and adjusted depending on what’s improved or could be made more difficult according to the progression I’ve been making. As I live overseas, in Belgium, people would think this would be hard. Quite the contrary really! Jordan and I speak regularly via Skype or Facebook. I’m always in direct contact with him when in need of help or when I have questions that need to be answered. We meet up once a year in London where we have a session together. These are always fun and it’s also a reason why I love to go back to London every year. So far I’ve gotten nothing but positive responses about the progress I have made with my body and will continue to use and do what Jordan’s taught me and will most likely teach me in the future.