Personal Training Queens Park

Personal Trainer Queens Park

personal training queens park

Queens Park is located between Queens Park and Kensal Rise Underground and Overground station. Situated in a lovely residential area, it provides a lush leafy green atmosphere year round. One of my personal favourites to train in for both clients and myself!


The Park is great for those who like outdoor running but don’t want to run on the roads or a track, a little unofficial trail runs around the edge of the entire piece of land thats usable year round.

Resistance Training is also greatly rewarded here with arguably some of the best outdoor Parallel Bars in central London! They are tall, long and not too wide, making shoulder injuries less of a worry, this is certainly something I am thankful for!

The Pull-up Bars offer a short and tall side by side and are very wide, allowing for advanced calisthenics to be performed with the utmost freedom. My only issue would be the tall bar is not actually that tall, my feet easily touch the floor even with a slight bend in my knees. However as many have mentioned to me, this allows for cleaner technique, forcing those who kip on them muscle ups to keep straight legs! One of my favourite things about the Pull-up Bar area is that in summer, you are literally surrounded by plants and trees, making it feel nice and hidden away, a great place to train! The view as you train, looks down over the rest of the park, providing a really positive vibe and always has a host of great characters to share the workout space with.

Last but not least, a huge open field in the centre with 2 abdominal exercise benches at the bottom. As you can imagine, this gives you plenty of open space to do some coordination drills, agility ladder work, sprints and so on!

My opinion!

Alongside Paddington Recreation Ground and Primrose Hill, this park would be in my top 3 outdoor locations for bodyweight personal training in London!

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