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Warwick Avenue – The closest areas to train


Warwick Avenue is a beautiful area located in North West London. I myself live in the area, and as a fitness professional and enthusiast, their are great facilities to train in this beautiful environment on the canals or in nearby parks.

Fitness and Training Venues in Warwick Avenue

A 10 minute walk from Warwick Avenue and you’re in Paddington Recreation Ground just further along in Maida Vale. This park has a variety of equipment and facilities to use, including pull up bars, dip bars, monkey bars, sit up benches, an Olympic sized running track and sports pitches. There is also shelter for when it’s raining and numerous spots that stay rather quiet and empty during peak hours so you don’t feel crowded! There is also a fantastic local independently run gym a further 5 minutes into Maida Vale where training can also be done, with an array of equipment available! Training in your own home or garden is also an option if you prefer!

Pad Rec Pull Up Bars

What can I as your personal trainer do for you!

One on One sessions or train with a friend/partner? Whether your goal is weight loss, toning up to look good in that special outfit, muscle gain, training for a specific event, whether it be a running event, marathon or strength sport, you can achieve it when training with me. Over 6 years of Kickboxing experience and an in depth knowledge as a fully qualified Personal Trainer who’s trained professional athletes and turned many clients lives around by motivating, educating and making them look and feel good! There’s no shouting, no bullying, but rather a friendly and fun environment to train in, whilst keeping it strict, consistent and progressive. Everyone has to start somewhere, so start now!

So if You are looking for a Personal Trainer in the Warwick Avenue area

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