Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes

It is important to understand that going for a run or just hitting the gym occasionally is not always enough. You are going to get mediocre results at best. This is where the excuses come in, “oh I don’t have time” or “I lost my oyster card and it’s too far to walk”. Nonsense, I have clients who will work 15 hours some days, yet still find time to fit in a 30 minute circuit training session or go for an intense jog. What they understand is that consistency in their training is paramount. Furthermore, they recognise the fact that changing habits and lifestyle factors can become part of their training. Instead of driving to the park for a session, they will jog. If it’s raining, we find shelter, if it’s really that bad, your living room, staircase etc are just as good!

Walking is healthy

I would walk a 4 mile round trip to train with my workout partner, I didn’t even have to do it, I had parks and facilities much closer, however I enjoyed training with this person and I enjoyed pushing myself to do things I wasn’t particularly keen on doing. Now I walk absolutely everywhere, and it’s all for the better! I’m sure my workout partner appreciated me coming all that way too!

Be active throughout your day

Stop taking the bus, the escalator or the lift, stop driving to work if you don’t actually need to. Try and be as active as possible throughout your day and you really will see a difference. It both compliments your training and gets you in the habit of realising we are meant to be out and about, moving, using our body! Before you know it, doing a quick intense 30 minute workout every other day will be just like brushing your teeth!

Not to mention, if you are struggling to train by yourself, perhaps find a workout partner or a personal trainer. If you click with someone just like I did, half the time you will just want to get out and train because you appreciate their company!



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