Kettlebells Workout

Kettlebells are a fantastic and diverse piece of equipment. The lifts you perform are largely variations of Olympic lifts and compound movements. These are the best exercises to do when looking for strength and muscle development; on top of that, doing these exercises with a kettlebell hits the muscle groups from a completely different angle and targets the core & stability muscles in a whole new way. Due to the composition of the kettlebell, many find that their arms will shake and there is a whole new level of control and genuine strength they have yet to discover and master.

Not only are kettlebells a great way to develop strength and muscle mass, but also condition the body and develop your cardiovascular system too. Many athletes looking for explosive power and stamina look to the kettlebell as a large tool in their training regime.

After training with standard weights on a strength routine and bodybuilding routines for a while, I wanted to find something that I could do outside and that I could add variation to and experiment with.

kettlebell and bodyweight/suspension training I did for Martial Arts and that is what I train with today. When I started taking kettlebells to the next level and using it as a fundamental part of my training regime. I noticed a huge lack in core strength and stability, which I have now improved on dramatically. I now perform exercise such as the one-legged squat and one-legged bent row with kettlebells and see some great results in the specific disciplines I train for.

One great benefit of using a kettlebell is the ability to perform various manipulations of standard exercises, changing things to suit you better and develop a specific area more. Without mocking the barbell or even the dumbbell, both great pieces of equipment. The kettlebell allows more freedom and can move at different angles, you can perform hybrids of exercises, making them even more intense, providing greater results in specific areas including some serious fat loss results or explosive power! Not to mention grip strength!

Jordan Swailes


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