Get Fit for Skiing

Get Fit for Skiing

The winter season is approaching! And with that comes all sorts of fun such as Skiing, Snowboarding, Trick Skiing and if you’re that way inclined, mountain trekking!

Average gym work just won’t cut it, sorry guys! Your bench press means nothing and you might as well stop bicep curling! If you’re going to beat your mates down the slope this winter you are going to want to start doing leg work, all manner of it. A few of these include; Static strength, Partial Reps, Plyometric, Power and all planes of movement. Don’t forget core work, static, posterior and lateral. And last but not least, cardiovascular!

Following a normal gym routine given to you by the instructor sat at the desk is fine for building a descent looking physique, but if you want to perform in a sport, whatever the level, you need to train like an athlete. This can be hard and dull at times, but pays off massively, is rewarding and can be extremely fun and enjoyable when done the right way!

Jordan Swailes

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