Do You Train Or Workout?

Do you train or workout?

some people see no difference, however i do and is something that gets on my nerves quite a lot.

To me, working out is the simple and easy task of going to the gym and pushing yourself just enough to progress.

I can not stand it when such people group themselves together with or see no difference between a chore and those who go to the gym, the track or the workout park, wherever it may be, and enter another dimension, pushing themselves in all manner of ways.

To some of us, it is a form of meditation or the ultimate path to pushing ourselves mentally and physically, breaking down barriers and so on. Whatever the reason, it is a lifestyle, that we love and could not live without. It becomes second nature so to speak.

Many people never break through into this next level of exercise, where it develops from working out to training… from a quick workout to a full on training session. And there is nothing wrong with that in the slightest, we all have our different tastes and choices in life. However a bit of respect and understanding when the topic of exercise comes up is greatly appreciated! Treat all avenues of life equally, next time an advanced lifter, rugby player, martial arts sensei or what have you mentions what he does, don’t mention the fact that you do bicep curls in the squat rack, did a karate lesson back in the day or played rugby at school, without mentioning the fact you know it’s barely comparable. No one would respond to a medic by saying “oh yeah I’ve got a first aid kit” or tell Phil Heath you totally know how it feels to train and diet down for the Mr. Olympia competition cause you got ripped (at least in your mind) last summer for the beach. it’s insulting and belittles something one has invested a lot of time in and perhaps is a lifelong commitment.



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