Training for an event, whether it’s a marathon, a skiing trip, a summer holiday or a wedding. Many people need to get into shape for something, they train hard and eat right, they accomplish their goals and then they stop. Six months down the line they need to do it all over again for something else. Or training like it’s going out of fashion once a week or every other week and never seeing results.

Always maintain consistency

You need to maintain consistency in your approach to exercise so that when it comes to the point where you need to look good or perform well, you will be ready to go or just need to kick it up a notch for a couple weeks.
Train in a sensible fashion 2-5 times a week and see the results come in over time as they should without causing yourself immense pain and frustration.

Train year round

By training regularly you will also be constantly evolving and may therefore find a legitimate passion for exercise as you see yourself breaking more and more barriers. Many people exercise during the summer months, look mediocre for their holidays or wonder why they can’t do what others are capable of, then do nothing over winter. If they trained throughout the year, constant progression to new levels is a given.

Train year round, train throughout the week, every week, watch the results come in and learn to enjoy this life long journey! Push yourself to new limits, see how far your body can go, see how mentally tough you are, change things up and keep it fun!

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