As with anything and everything in life, if you are not consistent, you will not progress, get better or achieve anything significant. This applies to exercise. The number one factor i stress to my clients is turning up and training regularly.

Alongside training are some equally important factors such as nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Becoming consistent with your diet and eating properly at regular times for long stretches, not just one or two days a week, will provide results. Similarly, choosing to be more active in your daily life will yield change as well, examples include getting off the bus or tube early and walking the rest of the way to work, better yet, walk the whole way. Often people have more time than they think, if clients of mine who work high stress & long hour jobs in Finance and other demanding industries, can cycle or walk the entire way to work, then not many people really have an excuse!

Being more efficient with your time will allow you to be more consistent with healthier and fitter choices, in turn providing mental strength that can be applied to anything. Make your health second nature, you shouldn’t even have to think about fitting it in or “trying”. It should be part and parcel of your lifestyle.

That’s all i have to say in this blog! Be consistent and train hard!

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