Cardio Workouts

Cardio Workouts

Key Cardio Workout Points

Cardio Workouts and why you should do it!

The following are just a few of the benefits of cardio vascular workouts and training:

  • 1) Cardio improves heart strength
  • 2) Cardio Workouts strengthens and exercises the lungs their capacity
  • 3) Boosts metabolism, burns calories, and helps you lose weight
  • 4) Reduces stress
  • 5) Increased energy
  • 6) Cardio Workouts improves sleep


    Below is a Cardio Workout session in Regents Park, where i do most of my training!




Its important to push yourself but not to the point where you are completely out of breath, unless you are training for a specific sport that requires it. Otherwise, choose a heart rate percentage relative to your cardiovascular fitness and stick to it.

How High Should Your Heart Rate should be when doing a cardio workout:

For you to receive the most from your cardio workout, you will need to figure out your max heart rate (beats per minute). You do this by subtracting your age from 226 for women and 220 for men. Then train at your Target Heart Rate, which is 50% to 75% of the maximum heart rate for the majority of people who are reasonably fit cardiovascular-wise. Remember if you feel ill when exercising you should slow down and train at a lighter pace, if it continues then stop and consult your doctor. However, remember that training isn’t meant to be easy, it will put you under stress that you normally wouldn’t feel so don’t mistake this for something wrong with you.

If you need any help with cardiovascular training or planning a cardio workout routine, please get in touch!


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