Be creative!

Whether you are abroad on holiday, work etc or don’t have access to a gym or workout park, there is always an option!

The following are a bunch of exercises for every major muscle group and what you can use in the environment around you to accomplish them!

Chair Dips

Press Ups: the floor, raise your feet on any higher surface such as a step to hit the upper chest.

Pull Ups: sturdy tree branches, scaffolding, football goalposts, sturdy door frames, kid’s playground swing bars etc.

Crunches, Leg Raises: the floor.

Squats, Lunges: the floor.

Chest Dips: two chairs, hands on the back, swimming pool ladder handles, the corner of kitchen work surfaces has worked for me in the past too!

Bench Dips: a chair, a low wall, a high step, a bed.

Calf Raises: the floor, a step.

If you don’t have much time or require a cardio workout as well, do exercises in a circuit form, this will raise your heart rate significantly and provide what is called resistance cardio! a preferred method by many trainers and athletes.

To make exercises harder, slow down the tempo, use a count, for example 6-3-6. Or use a harder progression, an athlete of more advanced skill can use pistol squats to hit his/her legs in a whole new way!





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