3 Fitness Myths Busted

#1: Abdominal exercises help burn stomach fat

Exercises targeting the abdominal area strengthen and develop the size of the muscles; however they do not burn fat! 6-pack abs are made in training and revealed in the kitchen! You cannot spot-reduce body fat; the body burns fat gradually from all over. So to recap, train hard and eat right!


#2: Lifting heavy weights will turn women into huge muscular freaks

Women simply do not have enough testosterone to build noticeably huge physiques, the truth is lifting intensely and heavy will produce just enough muscle for women to gain that athletic and toned look many desire. Women not on drugs, who look particularly muscular in bodybuilding magazines and so on, are manipulating lighting, camera angles and extremely low competition level body fat, the rest of the season their body fat levels rise and they look athletic, curvy and most importantly attractive.


#3: Resistance machines are safer than weightlifting or calisthenics

While in some cases this may be true, resistance machines force your body to follow a movement pattern that is unnatural for your body’s height and length of your legs and arms. Additionally, they require barely any use of the stabilisation muscles, leaving an over developed outer shell and severe weaknesses inside, joints, ligaments and tendons can become open to injury in the long term.


Jordan Swailes


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