Paddington Recreation Ground

Personal Trainer Paddington Recreation Ground (Paddington Rec)

768 I train my clients in parks all over the North West of London, including the Royal Parks where I am a licensed Operator as a personal trainer, yet there is no better place than Paddington Recreation Ground. During the day, Paddington Rec is quiet and the whole space is pretty much yours. Being a dog friendly park, my personal training clients can bring their dogs along to the session and it’s not a problem! The facilities are excellent. There are toilets on hand, a lovely cafe with a great menu on offer! All the outdoor fitness equipment a Personal Trainer could need plenty of space, a running track and numerous sports pitches of all varieties. Pad Rec Pull Up Bars One thing that puts people off training outdoors in the winter however, is the dark mornings and evenings, Paddington Recreation Ground is floodlit till 9:30pm! Hate rain? There are sheltered areas including the Bandstand with a great view of the park while you exercise away from the elements!   If that’s not enough, and you don’t want to get ill from the cold, even though this isn’t possible if you dress sensibly and will be staying warm via exercise, or you simply dislike the cold, just across the road is a fantastic local independent gym which offers an array of proper equipment from tractor tyres, barbells, kettle bells, ropes, pull up frames, rowing machines etc and most importantly a friendly atmosphere.

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  1. Tiffany Somerfield says:

    This is so good to know! I happen to live in the surrounding area and I’m looking forward to our next session at the Paddington Park!

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